2017 - Door Gate Automation proudly became members of Gate Safe and we are now an Gate SafeAware Installer. We took the time to develop further our knowledge of our products and systems. Giving us a greater understanding of the legislation that controls our industry. Safety is so important to us and we will ensure that your gate is safe. If you have any concern's regarding your gates safety please contact us.

2017 - Door Gate Automation installed a new set of swing gates for a client in Leicestershire. We installed new hydraulic rams opening the gates inward, with added safety we used safety edges on the leading edges of the gates as well as four sets of photocells. The client requested an intercom with a GSM facility so he could speak to visitors using his mobile phone.

2017 - Door Gate Automation carried out a safety upgrade on a number of schools in Liverpool. Our client wanted to ensure that their automatic gates were safe. After our initial risk assessment and consultation with our client we provided security in the way of Mag Locks and safety in the way of wireless safety edges hinge side, Leading edges horizontally and vertically. Where safety edges for the hinges would not work we provide finger guards.

2018 - Door Gate Automation carried out work for a client in Nottingham. The Cantilever gate is 14 metres long and is driven by a Beninca, inverted motor. Safety Edges installed on the leading edges and on the tower. External fence is meshed off to protect passers by. Client requested an Intercom so we used a Wirless AES Intercom with two phones and a keypad for entry. We also installed a Loop Detector for free exit. 

2018 - Door Gate Automation carried out work for a client in Leeds. The single swing gate is approx 5 metres long and is powered by a 6 Litre Hydraulic ram. Mag lock on open and close for windy conditions and including safety edges on the leading edges horizontally and vertically. GSM Intercom was installed so that visitors could call the clients mobile phone. keypad for trained users. Loop Detector for free exit.